Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions apply to all Panaché activities and they can be modified.

The latest terms and conditions will apply at the time of commencement of such activities.

By using any part of our website or sharing your personal information with us, you agree and consent to the practices described in our Privacy Policy.
1. Registration and Payment.
Registration by e-mail or through our website is legally binding.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.

For reservations is required a deposit of 50% of the total amount.

Once this amount has been credited by c/c, and the booking request has been submitted, we will send you an e-mail confirmation of receipt.

The remaining 50% of the balance is due within and not later than 90 days from the start date.

For bookings made after 90 days from the date of the activity, payment must be made for the full amount.

If the final payment is not received within 60 days from the start of the activity, the reservation will be considered void and subject to cancellation.
1.1. Method of payment.
Payment must be in Euro and can only be made by bank transfer.

We do not accept cash.
1.2. Activity costs.
The costs on the website of the activities and the invoices of Panaché are displayed in Euro per person.

There is no price adjustment for late arrival or early departure from an activity.

Any accompanying persons who will not participate directly in Panaché activities will be treated as direct customers by the tour operator who will take care of the hotel accommodation.
2. Small groups
Panaché guides and carries out its institutional activities only with small groups.

If the minimum number of participants required according to the description of the event is not reached, we will find an individual alternative at extra cost by proposing a "Custom Tour" solution.
3. Program changes and cancellations.
Panaché reserves the right to make changes to the program of its events, as well as the right to cancel one or more activities if the minimum number of participants required is not reached, in case of force majeure or in any case due to events not attributable to us.

Should this happen, participants will be promptly informed no later than two weeks before the start of the event.

In this case, payments received by Panaché as balance or deposit will be refunded in full.

Every effort will be made to minimize changes.

It is advisable to have adequate insurance with travel cancellation clause before booking.

Panaché is not responsible for any personal expenses incurred due to changes in itineraries or cancellations of activities, such as prepaid hotel accommodation or airline tickets.

We strongly recommend that you have confirmation from Panaché of the event before making additional travel arrangements and commitments.
4. Cancellation or modification by the participant.
At 30 days from the start date of a Panaché activity, the amounts paid as a deposit or balance will no longer be refundable.

In the event of cancellation or modification of the reservation by the participant via e-mail, prior to that date, the amount received by Panaché will be transferred for the full amount to another activity or future reservation, usable within the following 24 months.

Reservations for one-day activities require full payment at the time of booking and are refundable by 50% up to 30 days in advance.

Requests for changes or changes to the date of a reservation already made will be accepted based on availability and subject to confirmation by us, always within 30 days of the start date of the activity.

Panaché is not responsible for any additional cancellation or modification charges incurred for hotels, means of transport, etc., and wishes to point out that these charges are fully borne by the customer.

Should it be necessary, any difference relating to the cost of the activity chosen as a replacement must be paid.

However, only one change of the booking date is allowed.

Changes and cancellations required for "Custom Tours" will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
5. Insurance and risks.
Biking on the road is a dangerous activity and every member of the group needs adequate insurance coverage for the activity.

It is your personal responsibility to make sure that the policy you have taken out or already have in your possession is appropriate to the specific needs you will have during the performance of our activities.

Panaché does not assume any responsibility for damage or loss to property and/or persons, due to improper use of personal and/or rented bicycles or inadequate condition of the setting or mechanics.

The general conditions of the bicycles may be influenced by the use or transport and it is the participant's responsibility to always check every aspect of their bike before each activity.

Service and maintenance of the bike are the responsibility of the respective owner/rentaler.

It is mandatory to wear a certified helmet at all times during Panaché activities and to be equipped with front and rear lights that will be provided to you in case of need. If this rule is not respected, our staff reserves the right to remove the person from the activity without paying any refund.

Panaché does not assume any responsibility for injuries to persons during the exits.

It is also strongly advised by the Staff to take out a specific insurance protection for the period in which the activity will take place.

These types of plans safeguard the trip, personal belongings and, above all, the participant.

We always advise those who participate in our activities to sign one in case it is necessary to cancel or leave the trip. Recommended sites:
N.B. Panaché declines all responsibility for problems directly attributable to the underwriting of these policies.
6. Travel Services.
At the request of guests, Panaché can recommend services of other companies including hotels, transportation, restaurants and various services outside the scope of its activities.

Although Panaché recommends and cooperates with excellent and reliable external travel organizations, we do not guarantee the services provided by these companies and are not responsible for any problems or cancellations that may arise.
7. Participants under 18 years of age.
You must be of legal age to participate in our activities.

Minors can participate only if they are accompanied by an adult acting in their place.

Participants accompanying a minor are eventually invited to choose Custom Tours activities or private activities.

Children who wish to ride an e-bike in our activities must be 14 years of age.
8. Requests for bicycles.
For the activities of Panaché, we recommend the use of your own bike, or to choose a road bike or e-bike to rent on site.

Bicycles or e-bikes are available at an additional cost (the rental fee).

In order to satisfy requests for the selection of the bike best suited to their needs, participants must submit their request to Panaché no later than 30 days before the start of the activity.

Requests submitted after this date will be subject to availability and may not be guaranteed.

For organizational reasons, we do not accept changes to the booking of rental bikes after 30 days prior to the start of the activity and the amount paid for this service will not be refunded in any way.
9. Arrival and departure transfers.
To participate in Panaché activities you can request transfers to and from airports and stations.

The choice to benefit from them must be communicated at the time of booking the activity and foresees an additional cost.

Such a service is not automatically organized by Panaché and

Although we always recommend the best external travel organizations, we do not guarantee the services provided by these companies and are not responsible for any problems or cancellations that may arise.
10. By sending the deposit you accept the following code:
I have chosen an activity suited to my abilities, level of physical fitness and state of health.

I do not have any physical condition or disability that poses a danger to me or other travelers.

I have a valid passport and all the visas, permits, certificate (non-competitive sports doctor) and vaccinations required to participate in the activities of Panaché.

I will read all pre-activity information on clothing, recommended or mandatory material and necessary medical requirements.

I will make sure to communicate any special requests or precautions that the Panaché staff should have with me to better organize the activity at least 30 days before the beginning of the activity.

This includes dietary restrictions, medical requirements and various preferences regarding the smooth running of the day.

I understand that Panaché will make every effort to meet these requirements but cannot guarantee that they will be met.

I will respect the laws and customs of the countries visited.

I will follow the guidelines and environmental regulations during the activities according to the indications of the staff, as well as the regulations related to COVID-19.

I will respect the rights and privacy of other guests.

The COVID-19 form to sign is here:
Participants who will not provide the COVID-19 self-certification and the signed disclaimer before the start of the activities will not be allowed to participate in the Panaché activity, therefore the standard cancellation policy will be applied.
11. Disclaimer of liability.
Panaché is not liable for personal injury or damage to property resulting from, but not limited to: physical exertion for which a guest is not prepared; natural events; collisions with bicycles, pedestrians or cars; road conditions, including, but not limited to, lack of barriers and roads affected by weather conditions; travel by air, train, car, boat or other means of transportation or by bicycle, ski, horseback riding, walking or other forms of active travel or adventure; consumption of alcoholic beverages; civil unrest; terrorism; equipment failure; high altitude; lack or limited access to medical care in remote locations or inadequate medical care once provided.

Full terms are indicated here:
Participants who will not provide the COVID-19 self-certification and the signed disclaimer before the start of the activities will not be allowed to participate in the Panaché activity, therefore the standard cancellation policy will be applied.
12. Limitations of Liability.
Panaché is not responsible for all other expenses incurred by participants, including meal, transportation or hotel expenses that are not specified as included in the cost of the activities carried out but that may be necessary and incidental to participate.

Panaché reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary or activity generally necessary to improve the quality of the activity itself or to satisfy the comfort and well-being of the participants.
13. Lost objects.
Panaché is not responsible for the loss of passports, tickets or other documents, or the loss and/or damage to luggage, personal property or other personal belongings of participants.

Due to the nature of our activities, participants will not always have their luggage or personal belongings with them.

Therefore, we recommend that you pack all items and personal effects carefully and consider leaving those of value at home.
14. Further conditions.
Although Panaché makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of publications, we cannot be held responsible for typographical or printing errors, including prices.

Panaché recognizes that some guests may have serious food allergies.

We make every effort to ensure that our suppliers/collaborators are informed and prepared, but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be met.

Participants grant Panaché permission to take photographs or record footage during activities for the guests' personal use, promotional and commercial use, without compensation now or in the future.

Participants agree that Panaché may use any testimonials relating to the services provided for promotional and/or commercial purposes without compensation now or in the future.

All Panaché content and photography on this website is protected by Panaché copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.
15. Jurisdiction.
The district court of Aosta is agreed as the competent court.