Riding Levels
Riding Levels
Our region is characterized by fantastic alpine scenery. The climbs are therefore the predominant part of our tours. A good training base is therefore required in order to participate in our tours.

The degree of difficulty of the tours varies according to the overall duration (full week or weekend) and the elevation gain and distance length of the individual days.

Each tour has a double classification:
From 1 to 5 sprockets based on the total distance that will be covered on the tour.
From 1 to 5 mountains based on the total elevation gain that will be covered.
Short Tours
Weekend tours require an intermediate level. However, a good training period is required in the months before the tour.*

The weekend tour includes 3 days of riding with distances never greater than 100km/60miles and elevation gain not exceeding 2000m/day.
Long Tours
The 7-day tours are very demanding, but at the same time they allow you to fully appreciate the territory of our Region. A high level of training is required for this type of tour. We recommend this type of tour to well-trained subjects who are able to cover long distances even with significant elevation gain. Obviously this is not a competition, the pace will be very quiet, but you know very well that with a good basic training everything is more fun!

The tour include 7 days of riding where very demanding days alternate with much simpler ones, with the aim of recovering energy for the following days.

The individual stages have different distances between 50 and 150km (30 and 95miles). The elevation gain will be between 500m (recovery days) and almost 4000m for the most demanding days.

As with all other tours, each day will have a classification according to difficulty.
Custom Tours
Custom tours are instead made according to the specifications indicated by our customer.

For this reason there is no classification, but the itineraries will be studied according to the level of training and the specific requests of the customer.

* For this reason we provide an athletic trainer and cycling coach who can help you plan a targeted training to get you to the tour in the best possible condition.