General Questions
General Questions
What’s included in the price of the tour?
Selected accommodations, delicious local food on dinners, possible bike and equipment rental. Our only goal is to let you ride a bike, visit magnificent landscapes, eat, drink and sleep without worries in the world.
If I book a tour, is it guaranteed to run?
Panaché guides and carries out its institutional activities only with small groups. If the minimum required number of participants is not reached based on the description of the event, we will find an individual alternative with a surcharge by proposing a "Custom Tour" solution.
Are non-riders welcome on the tour?
Our goal is to take you to pedal, by providing you with accommodation equipped with every comfort, however if you want to be accompanied in your experience by non-pedalers just let us know, you will rely directly on tour operator.
How do you accommodate varying riding abilities?
Everything we do is driven by a spirit of fun and adventure. For some, this means stopping to admire the scenery, while others may want to drive hard. Our coach-guest ratio is never greater than 6:1 (and often much lower!), Allowing us to make everyone happy.
Each day, you will be followed by at least one road coach and Panaché staff in the support van, who will sweep the path and provide refreshment, mechanical support and a ride when you need it.
We also offer another excellent alternative: electric assistance. An e-bike can provide an extra boost to your pedaling power, so you can travel longer distances, tackle more difficult climbs, and maintain a faster pace in the company of family or friends pedaling at a different level. Just ask us to rent it.
For fully customized tours that include everything you want and nothing you don't want, we recommend a custom tour
Do you do private or custom tours?
We can create customized tours for you.
We can create a customized one-to-one tour.
We can also do special tours for families or specific interest groups. The possibilities are almost limitless, so contact us for more information.
Can I make a group booking?
Yes sure! contact us and we will proceed to book the tour.
How do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
We care about your dietary needs so please let us know your restrictions, allergies or restaurant meal preferences. After booking the tour, you will be able to give us detailed information on your dietary preferences.
Booking a tour
How do I book a tour?
You can book the tour using the appropriate form on our website, or you can write us an e-mail.
What is a single supplement?
Our bike tours are priced based on double occupancy. A Single Supplement is an additional charge that secures a private room for solo travelers. If you are traveling alone and would prefer a roommate, please notify your Tour Coordinator. Although we cannot guarantee a match, we will make every effort to pair you with another solo traveler in order to waive the single supplement.
What if I have to cancel or change my tour?
Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.
Should I purchase travel protection?
It is highly recommended by Panaché to take out specific insurance protection for the period in which the activity will take place.
These types of plans safeguard the trip, personal effects, and most importantly, the participant.
We always advise those who participate in our activities to sign up for one in case they need to cancel or leave the trip. In terms and conditions we give you an example of a travel insurance site.
Can you help with travel arrangements?
Yes! Tour operator is happy to handle bookings for you.
Preparing for your tour
How should I train for the tour?
Information on our levels, along with our detailed itineraries, gives you a good idea of how much and what kind of guidance to expect on the tour. In general, we recommend that you cycle as often as possible before the tour. You can also consult with our coach to prepare for your tour.
What kind of support can I expect while on tour?
When you are on a bike, our staff is constantly looking for your comfort and safety. Our support van is with you every kilometer of the route, offering water, snacks and mechanical support, and carrying your extra clothing. You can also get into the van at any time, especially if you need a ride during the more difficult sections. A coach is always with you on the road, offering you cycling advice and insights as you pedal along the routes.
When you're not on your bike, expect total pampering. Panaché can book you an appointment for a massage and try to accommodate your requests through the tour operator. Your only job is to have fun and relax.
During the tour, the Panaché staff also offers a more intangible type of support. We speak the language of the region, we understand the intricacies of local culture,we have friends at hotels, restaurants and wineries, and act like your personal paparazzi, so you can leave your trip with ready-made memories.
What should I pack?
Panaché tours include bike tours but you will also spend time out of the saddle and we want you to feel comfortable in every situation. To make sure you've got your tour essentials, check out our packing list for tips and advices.
Are transfers provided at the start and end of the tour?
You can reach us independently or you can tell us that you need to be transported upon your arrival and your return to the airport/station. Tour operator will take care not to leave you alone.
Bikes + gear
Should I bring my own bike?
In our opinion it would be better if you used your own bike.
No bike can make you feel as comfortable as your bike!
You will of course be responsible for all shipping and maintenance arrangements. You will also be responsible for assembly and disassembly as needed. If you prefer to rent a bike , please let us know in time and we will respond to your request.
How can I ensure my bike is properly adjusted for me?
Each tour begins with an adaptation of the bike so that adjustments can be made to your bike by coach Panaché as needed. If you want to rent it, send us your exact measurements by e-mail.
Should I bring my own pedals and/or bike seat?
If you intend to join Panaché, you will need to bring your cycling shoes and pedals which will be installed by our coach at the start of the tour.
If you prefer to use your own saddle, you can take it with you. Our coach will install it for you at the start of the tour.
Do you need more help?
Sorry to hear that! We tried our best with the above! Don't worry, get in touch with us and we will try our best to give all the informations you need!