About Us
About Us
Our team is linked by passion for cycling and love of nature. We wanted to combine these two principles to accompany people to discover the beautiful area in which we live: Valle d’Aosta, a small region in northern Italy, famous for hosting the most majestic peaks in Europe.

Our goal is to show the beauties that surround us, not through the dirt paths, but along the tarmac that run through our land.
We give importance to the history of the places and we choose itineraries that also retrace the footsteps of the great champions of the Giro d’Italia.
Our aim is to create the perfect tour, in the perfect place, for the cyclist who loves challenges and healthy fun, a fundamental ingredient.

We have very clear ideas on how to achieve this: we believe that in a world afflicted by pollution, it is necessary to pay more and more attention to environmental care and sustainability and this philosophy is applied in every Panaché organizational and development phase.

Another value to which we attach great importance is safety. We firmly believe that the sector in which we operate is very delicate from this point of view and we want to raise awareness of it.
For this reason, our guests, helped by the best and essential protection devices, will always be accompanied by competent figures who are very attentive to road safety.

We want to do our best for the planet, which we want increasingly "Green", and the best way to do it is by having fun riding our bicycles, in total safety, to always be amazed at how beautiful nature is!